Thursday, 14 July 2011

A view from the afternoon

Spent the day in the back garden (making myself the odd cocktail from the booze left over from a party we had on Saturday) and in a slighty squiffy haze decided to show you guys the most amazing view in the world :D

'Lovely' Hampden Stadium
I'm gonna miss that view if my mum and dad move :(

Anyway even though it a was rather hot today, I couldn't resist wearing my beloved River Island polka dot shirt.

Shirt River Island, jeans Urban outfitters, belt Urban Outfitters
bag Topshop
 I just realised that everything I wore today I got the sale, the jeans were reduced from 55 pound to a tenner!
I love them cos they are high waisted (right now i'm really into the seventies vibe)

Yesterday I bought a great wee cheap nail polish (i'm a proper nail addict)

1.99 from Superdrug
You can't really tell from the photo but its a really great greenish yellow colour.

Also went rummaging today I found some art I made when I lived in Worcester with my ex (shudder)

close up

I made this when I was 19 and the brief was to visually interperet music lyrics
It's from a Leonard Cohen song from Suzanne and the line goes "...Among the garbabe and the flowers"

Sorry about all the info at once but sometimes you have to get out all your shouts at once-kinda like primal scream therapy.  I  am officially the psychiatrist of fashion :D


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