Friday, 21 October 2011

make up

I've always been fascinated with stop motion, so I decided to try and make one for uni.  It's not perfect and it took my 2 hours to make but i'm really proud of it.

So here it is...Make up.

Ps  I NEVER wear my make up like that but it helps to emphasise the change in my face.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

For winter

As I haven't done a fashion post in a while, i've accumulated a rather large amount of back dated purchases. I've been stocking up on a lot of monochrome pieces of clothing. I'm channelling my inner grunge goth, circa 1987.  Also quite a few cool bits of jewellery.

River Island jumper

New Look boots...I always buy these

Vintage Bally, love these

H&M little white lace dress...only a fiver!

My 1st ever TKMAXX purchase.  Unfortunetly I have to
return cos the beads are falling off

Close up of beading. I'm quite sad to see it go.

I've wanted a Sonic Youth tee for years...from Urban Outfitters.
Picked up from charity shop in Anniesland.

Bejewelled belt from Primark.  A bit of 80's inspired

Love my bug necklace from New Look

Close up.  My love bug

Amazing vintage bling rings, which I keep in...

My lovely trinket box I bought in Chester.

As well as clothing and jewellery, I like to change my nail polishes for winter. Out is pastles and pink In dark muted colours and glitter.

I bought these in the space of 2 weeks.
My obsession grows...

My lovely peacock colours.  H&M makes great polishes

ASDA now makes polishes...and they're great

Revlon (actually in love with the red sparkly one)
Bought from Watt Bros in Glasgow.  Only 1.99 each!

I'm loving grey at the mo, plus the sparkly one is made
up of massive bits of glitter.

Can't resist a nail effect.  The barry m one looks like tin foil on your nails...
trust me, it looks good.  The 17 one is sparkly shatter effect.  Nope, i'm not bored
of that yet.
Now its time to put the credit cards away, cos is just around the corner.  Eek!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

time lapse experiment

I decided to look into time lapse for a project at uni.  I think it might be a long shot but I want to animate the view from my windows.  The idea is to show the beauty around you that you no longer see after time.

Heres a few examples

Traffic at rush hour

Car coming up street


Tree blowing in wind (sorry about the angle)


I plan on filming a sequence from day to dusk, which will take about 3 hours of constant picture taking.  Hopefullt the end result will be awesome.