Sunday, 31 July 2011

My favourite waste of time

I can't stop being productive and I reckon thats due to the music i'm listening to.

I can't stop listening to this

I'm a bit in love with Camera Obscura at the mo, it could have something to do with the fact we hail from the same city. Some patriotic love.

Anway I thought I'd let everyone see what i'm illustrating now, and it's all about the things I love.

My nail designs

An Warholesque print

I love buttons


or geek chic glasses

who needs an ipod?
Yes, this did take ages!
Thats right while everyones out on a Saturday night I was drawing. But y'know what, I LOVE IT! :D


Sunday, 24 July 2011

illustrated for the masses

Well i've been really bored this weekend. Lazing about in the glorious sunshine (yes folks, the sun goes shine in Scotland)
So as I was in a chilled out arty vibe I decided to do some illustrating.  I was influenced by peacock feathers and aztec print

Feathers tied with a bow (I don't have a reason for it)

Idea for wallpaper

I like diamonds

and stars

For my American friends (Theres only 48 stars not 50)

It's been a productive weekend art wise


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Jason vs Jason

It's 3.13 am and i'm having trouble sleeping.
Now I know I discuss all the trendy subjects such as design and fashion and i'm too old and sensible to be doing this but I've gone all girly.
My taste in men is questionable at the least but i've got a thing for the Jason's right now and i'm trying to decide who's hotter-Jason Bateman or Jason Sudeikis (as I said my taste is questionable)

They're both American, funny and hot (in my opinion) so I can't decide :(

Right I think its time I got to sleep (and hope my boyfriend doesn't stumble across this blog) and I promise my next blog will be about the rise and fall of Marxism to balance everything out.


Friday, 22 July 2011

illustrated blog

I thought I'd put my Graphic Design degree to good use and illustrate the blog

The wonders of photoshop
My work method leaves a lot to be desired. Sitting on my bed designing my blog when I should be out on a Friday night does not bode well for my social life.

Anyway speaking about work if anyone wants to see more, my work is displayed on a site called  It's all about up and coming designers.  I was even featured member of the month a while back which was really exciting :D

Heres a link to central station and my flickr account

Have a look and tell me what you think


Thursday, 14 July 2011

A view from the afternoon

Spent the day in the back garden (making myself the odd cocktail from the booze left over from a party we had on Saturday) and in a slighty squiffy haze decided to show you guys the most amazing view in the world :D

'Lovely' Hampden Stadium
I'm gonna miss that view if my mum and dad move :(

Anyway even though it a was rather hot today, I couldn't resist wearing my beloved River Island polka dot shirt.

Shirt River Island, jeans Urban outfitters, belt Urban Outfitters
bag Topshop
 I just realised that everything I wore today I got the sale, the jeans were reduced from 55 pound to a tenner!
I love them cos they are high waisted (right now i'm really into the seventies vibe)

Yesterday I bought a great wee cheap nail polish (i'm a proper nail addict)

1.99 from Superdrug
You can't really tell from the photo but its a really great greenish yellow colour.

Also went rummaging today I found some art I made when I lived in Worcester with my ex (shudder)

close up

I made this when I was 19 and the brief was to visually interperet music lyrics
It's from a Leonard Cohen song from Suzanne and the line goes "...Among the garbabe and the flowers"

Sorry about all the info at once but sometimes you have to get out all your shouts at once-kinda like primal scream therapy.  I  am officially the psychiatrist of fashion :D


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

tribal nails

For a while now i've adored the tribal nail look

So I thought i'd have a go myself.  I must warn you it takes bloody ages

Step 1

Paint your nails any colour you want

nail colours are boots 17, barry m and H&m
Step 2 Add stripes and dots

Carefully paint contrasting stripes and use liquid eyeliner to draw black dots (don't worry a top coat will ensure the eyeliner stays put)

Step 3 Add zig zags

In the block stripes, break them up by adding zig zags

and tada...

The final result (photo curtesy of my boyfriend, couldn't quite take a photo of both hands...obviously)

If I can do it with my shaky hands then anyone can do it :D

Have fun!


whats a girl to do?

I'm having a bit of a quandry at the mo' about the most amazing boots i've ever owned

my beautiful vivienne westwood boots
As much as I adore these boots, theres one catch...

they're too small :(

So I don't know wether to sell them on ebay or just keep them and use them like a home accessory- the modern version of a candle!

It's a pickle

Y'know something is special if the packaging is just as lovely as the object you've bought.

loving' the pink and gold bag

and the punky box!
Of course my boyfriend is being all rational and telling to make money from something I can't get any use of out.  But as a man, he can't quite understand the deep connection between a gal and her shoes...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Improved blog

Made some improvements to the blog so it has a more personal touch, plus it shows off my love of buttons.
I couldn't sleep and listening to Interpol and watching reruns of the OC didn't help, so I got on the photoshop and created the masterpiece you see before you.

interpol+the oc=showing my age!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Design for life

Last year was my college graduation exhibition and as it was an important moment I had no idea what to wear.  So I went casual...maybe a bit too casual.

top-topshop, cardigan-urban outfitters, bag-new look, headband-primark.
I'm very unphotogenic :(

taking advantage of the free wine

My work displayed very neatly...very unlike me

I love nail polish

Getting rid of all the clutter in my wardrobe and realised I have too many nail polishes.  I mean I had an H&M carrier bag full of polishes.

Here's the evidence

Right now i'm obsessed with Barry M Nail Effects, I've had them for a while and I'd take them to a desert island if I could.  Unlike OPI, which I find a tad expensive, Barry M is only about 3.99!

I have ALL the shades
If I had to choose which one I like the best, it would have to be the blue one.  I personally like to have it over orange polish.
My ugly tiny hand :D