Monday, 23 July 2012

galaxy nails

Maybe I'm a tad late but I love ANYTHING galaxy related.  I recently purchased a rather fabulous pair of nebula leggings.

I had to use my rather useless camera on my phone so sorry for the rubbish photo

No photo can fully show how beautiful the leggings are unfortunately.

For anyone who is a wee bit on the shy side about adorning full galaxy gear, starry nails are a great alternative.

My attempt is quite as impressive as these lovely examples but I decided to give it a go.

I used the following polishes

From left to right
W7 in Moondust
NYC in Lights Camera Glitter
W7 in Cosmic Black
W7 in Blue Dazzle

First apply a base of Cosmic Black,which is a opaque black with glitter.
Then apply Lights Camera Glitter, this give a nice glittery depth
It is important to wait until each layer is dry to prevent smudging.  Using a sponge, create a ombre efffect with the Moondust polish, this represents the nebulas
Lastly using a pointed impliment, a biro will do, try and pick up individual pieces of glitter from Blue Dazzle.  This should be quite straightforward as Blue Dazzle is made up of rather large glitter pieces.  These represent the starts.  A polish made of  silver glitter would be even better.

And the end result could look like this.

Close up

I do love glitter, I think it may be time for a detox


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Haul for under 30 pound

I set myself a challange-to see if I could go into town and spend under 30 pound.  

I love a bargain and I love my polishes, put those 2 together and I'm in heaven.  All the below polishes were 1.99 each!  Picked up at Watt Bros in Glasgow (my own little secret aladdins cave ) I especially adore the W7 polishes as they are identical to the Deborah Lipmann creations but at tenth of the price!

A rather lovely coral-Revol

turquoise glitter-W7

Lilac glitter-W7

Silver glitter with specks of pink-W7

Pale pastle lilac-Revlon

Went into New Look, which has become my only destination for accessories.  I am strangely drawn to spikes and flowers, like a fashionista magpie.

Cute floral chandelier earrings-New Look
2 pounds
Spike and bling hoops-New Look
2 pounds

Cross and spike drop earrings-New Look

 I thought I'd chance my luck and have a wee rummage in Urban Outfitters.  Not a shop you'd automatically think of for a bargain, but their sale is the best on the high street.  I picked up this lovely little patchwork dress for a tenner!  Love the 90's grunge look at the mo' and this dress is perfect for the trend

Floral patchwork dress-Urban Outfitters
10 pounds

So the grand sum of spending is....

5 nail polishes = 9.95
3 pairs of earrings = 6.70 (subtracted student discount)
1 dress = 9.00 (subtracted student discount)

Equals (drum roll...)  25.65!!!!

Money left over for a copy of my fave mag and train fare home

Result! xxx

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Create your own instagram

It finally happened, I am officially a university graduate!  Upper Second honours degree in Digital Art.  So instead of sitting about and letting the never ending quest of finding a job get me down, I decided to add to my portfolio.  The world is being overrun by the phenomenon that is Instagram.

 I love the idea of old photographs but those who are not fortunate enough to have a Smart Phone, I decided to create my own using Photoshop using photographs I took of my home town, Glasgow

I then layered photos to create a hazy effect

I will put up a tutorial on how to create your own instagram effect photographs soon.  I promise it is a lot easier than it looks.


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Since you've been gone

I have been absent from the blogging scene for some time due to the following pursuits....


Enjoying the simple things, love, the city, gardening, shopping and...finger puppets which bare an uncanny resemblance to Freddie Mercury

Changing my look

Uni work and being nominated for awards

And of course...painting my nails

Cannot wait to relax, hunt for a job and devote more time to adding more to my blog-DIY and How-To's, Outfits of the day, Nails of the day and nail and cooking tutorials.

Busy, busy, busy summer ahead