Monday, 23 July 2012

galaxy nails

Maybe I'm a tad late but I love ANYTHING galaxy related.  I recently purchased a rather fabulous pair of nebula leggings.

I had to use my rather useless camera on my phone so sorry for the rubbish photo

No photo can fully show how beautiful the leggings are unfortunately.

For anyone who is a wee bit on the shy side about adorning full galaxy gear, starry nails are a great alternative.

My attempt is quite as impressive as these lovely examples but I decided to give it a go.

I used the following polishes

From left to right
W7 in Moondust
NYC in Lights Camera Glitter
W7 in Cosmic Black
W7 in Blue Dazzle

First apply a base of Cosmic Black,which is a opaque black with glitter.
Then apply Lights Camera Glitter, this give a nice glittery depth
It is important to wait until each layer is dry to prevent smudging.  Using a sponge, create a ombre efffect with the Moondust polish, this represents the nebulas
Lastly using a pointed impliment, a biro will do, try and pick up individual pieces of glitter from Blue Dazzle.  This should be quite straightforward as Blue Dazzle is made up of rather large glitter pieces.  These represent the starts.  A polish made of  silver glitter would be even better.

And the end result could look like this.

Close up

I do love glitter, I think it may be time for a detox


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