Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Perception of beauty

At uni I had to create a flash animation using collage.  I came up with the idea of beauty and that it means to different people.  I wasn't able to upload the animation (I can't convert my flash file to MP3, does anyone know how to do this?)  So heres the initial jpeg images. 

The Dream

The Reality

The Acceptance

 The concept was to emphasise the allusion of beauty represented in magazines as it is not all what it seems.
I wanted to use jarring, saturated, almost unpleasant colours as I wanted to put the viewer ill at ease.  It didn't put the Lecturer off as I got an A for it :D


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dream Wedding

As my obsession with Don't Tell the Bride grows, I started to wonder what i'd like my wedding to look like.  God help me if my boyfriend planned it, cos I swear, I'm not really into a football/take away/ video game theme.  Hopefully he'll never see this blog, this is a little bit fatal attraction, but we've been together for 5 years tomorrow-so what is he expecting?  As I forget me nots are my favourite flower, I think i'd found my theme.

It's all about, tea lights, vintage dresses, presses flowers and cupcakes.  Super, super girly.

And of course, I know what my groom would be wearing...


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Home Wish List

Ever since I visited the beautiful town of Chester (will definetly be visiting again...love, love, loved it!) I went to a great wee place called Listers, it was almost like someone went into my head, took everything I love and made a shop out of it.  The place was full of girly little trinkets and gorgeous fabrics. Somebody also used some proper marketing by employing only good looking english boys...it was my shopping heaven.  Ever since I arrived home I've been obsessed with getting some restored vintage furniture from the new flat when we move in.  So I started trawling the internet and stumbled across a site called Vintage Lifestyle.  I handpicked a few of my favourite things

I love chintz and lace, god help my boyfriend if he messes up my victorian theme with his playstation and work boots!


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The oldies are always the best

For a long time Marks and spencers has been a nation, if slightly faded, treasure.  But in recent years its blossomed into a great place for classic pieces thats are well made and incredibly funky. I don't go anywhere else now for winter boots, scarves and hats (they have fabulous 1930's inspired cloche hats).  Maybe I have warm feeling towards M&S from my childhood, the smell of St Michaels hanging in the air whilst looking for chirstmas pressies with my mum.  Anyway reminicing aside, I've picked a few of my favourite winter warmers for you consideration.

Turning my attention to technology.  Even though I came of age in the burgoning world of the internet and Nokia 3310's (vintage 1999!)  I really don't know my Ipad from my elbow.  I long for a simpler time of old house phones, another childhood memory.

Theres something oddly beautiful about the sleekness of design along with the wonderful colours I can't resist.  And of course there was nothing more addictive as a child than those dials, even though it took an age to dial any number, I'd still swap all the mobile phones in the world for an old house phone.

As I've discovered over the years, its quite hard to come across a good quality old phone.  But wandering around John Lewis I stumbled across  great modern alternatives.

I love the retro feel and the deep hues used (what I refer to as 'slightly off' colours, not quite primary or secondary)
LONG LIVE M&S AND ALL OLD TECHNOLOGY...now, wheres my Ipod....


Friday, 2 September 2011

Wish List A/W 2011

It's not like me to be greedy but theres so many things I want for Autumn Winter.  I absolutely love big wooly jumpers, any kind of shorts, and although I've got too much hip and boob I adore the androgynous look. Skinny coloured jeans and lots of shirts.  Simple clothing, in gorgeous mustard, plum and teal.  All I need now is my trusty bow tie and i'm ready...

Clothing-Urban Outfitters, Topshop, River Island, New Look
I'm also I total sucker for accessories, tartan, leopardskin and lots of studs.  Masculine clothing looks great with bejewelled jewellery.  I found the most amazing shoes in Office.  They are so jaw droppingly perfect, all leopardskin and hardware. Loving silver crosses, both in necklace and earring form.  Plus you've got to love a bit of vintage Cassius watch.

Shoes-Vivienne Westwood, Office, Urban Outfitters and Topshop.
Bags-Urban Outfitters
Jewellery-Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Topshop.
Without a coat or jacket, this winter in Glasgow would be fecking freezing, so i'm hoping to stock up on masculine pea coats, my trusty leopardskin, leather with tassles or without and gorgeous trimmed coats.

Coats and jackets-Debenhams, Asos, River Island and Topshop.

I've come to the conclusion that I might need to empty our spare room and turn it into a walk in wardrobe!
My expensive taste knows no bounds. Now all I need is for the winter nights to draw in (I might be the only person in the world wishing that)