Wednesday, 31 August 2011

fashion post

I haven't posted any fashion images in a while so, I decided to show you my favourite purchases of the summer.

Outfit 1


Love my cage shoes-Urban Outfitters

Rose bracelet-Topshop
Silver bracelets-Accessorize
Perfect for lazy summer nights.

Outfit 2

Trying to be edgy with my fake leather jacket-Primark

Dress was a bit low cut so I always put a black tee under it.

Black beads-vintage
Feather necklaces-Topshop & Primark


Shoe boots-New Look

Unleashing my inner grunge.  Not sure I can pull it off...oh well


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Simple beauty.

As a grahpic designer, it is quite ironic for me to disspel the use of computers when making art.  I just wish movies didn't rely as heavily on CGI as they do.  It is used to the detriment of storyline and creativity.

I wanted to use to of my favourite movies as an example

Belle et la Bete 1946

Thursday, 18 August 2011

dream lover

Got really bored and did some quick stetches.

Love, love dreamcatchers

thought I'd try some clouds, for some reason i'm not very good at them

A creepy tree

trees in the sky

my first attempt at drawing a bird

like those old fashioned wall hangings
your nan would have

little birdie chillin'

at dawn

at daylight

at night

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Vintage shopping

Had so much fun on Saturday at the Gin In Teacups vintage fair in Glasgow city centre.

 It was held in a little underground club, like being in a vintage style Narnia, far away from the degenerates in hoodies and tweenie kiddies.  So many jewellery stalls and gorgeous vintage trinkets and goodies.  There was even a nail bar (I was able to eye up the competition! )
Anyway I got a few things even though I was completely skint

The most amazing swan necklace, made of found bits and bobs

Close up.  How gorgeous?!

Great bohemian necklace.  Good for unleashing my inner
eccentric history teacher

Love the graphic shape, very 50's

This brooch only cost my 50p

After my splurge I was determined not to by anything else, but when I was these in Marks and Spencer I had to have them!

Leopardprint kitten heel boots.  They're so trashy, I love them!

When I got back from my day of blowing money I added to my collection of leopardskin nails, (as if I needed anymore, my nails are a mess! )

This is what happens when your a manics fan, its like our uniform- leopardprint, white denims, lots of bangles and eyeliner and plenty of army trousers and shirts :)

Love the white polish. Not just for french manicures :)


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Totally nailed it

My obsession with nail art has grown, so much so that I've decided to sell the fake nails i've designed.  I've even designed packaging, included will be an illustration of what the nails will look like.  Heres some examples-

Girly nails

Flag nails

Aztec nails

Here's nails I made earlier, its took an age but it was worth it

Girly leopardskin nails

I added an extra nail cos the thumb nails may be too big for some peoples fingers (well, mine actually, but I've got really small hands for an adult)

peacock nails
As anyone who follows my blog knows, I love peacock feathers. So I decided to make them into nail designs. Unfortunatly I ran out of nails so couldn't finish the set.