Sunday, 21 August 2011

Simple beauty.

As a grahpic designer, it is quite ironic for me to disspel the use of computers when making art.  I just wish movies didn't rely as heavily on CGI as they do.  It is used to the detriment of storyline and creativity.

I wanted to use to of my favourite movies as an example

Belle et la Bete 1946
Wings of Desire 1987

Now,I know a lot of people will think i'm a pretension arse for talking about foreign cinema, but this is about the use of camera techniques and sound in such a way that is simple, atmospheric and beautiful.

Seriously If I have to see one more movie with explosions, pointless effects and far too much money thrown at them, i'm personally going to go to George Lucas' ranch and boot him up the arse!

Nothing everything has to be so in your face, too much violence and sex.  Sometimes only a glance is enough.

Rant over xxx

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