Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Interior ideas: Timorous Beastie

 Anyone who loves quirky wallpapers, fabric and cushions influenced by nature, humour, decendant colour and Scottish flair should have a wee look at the rather wonderful Timorous Beasties.  Founded by 2 Glasgow School of Art graduates it really is gorgeous stuff but be warned it is rather on the pricey side!  Here are my favourite picks

The fabric and wallpaper

The cushions
The Glasgow cushion, note the ned having a piss! :D

The website have a great feature called The Room.  Basically you can design a room using Timorous Beastie products.  Really useful for design inspiration.  I decided to add a wee go myself and got rather addicted.

Here are my attempts at style

The accent room

The calm room

The cute room

The Fifty Shades of Grey room (never read the book btw)

The dramatic room

The girly room

The nature room

The retro room


Monday, 6 August 2012

Romwe Wishlist

Edgy, feminine, gorgeous accessories, free p&p and affordable.  The website, Romwe has it all.

Here is some of my most desired purchases...

Now where's my credit card?...

Friday, 3 August 2012

Cath Kidston bag and Clarins freebie

Had a lovely day in town today with my 3 favourite people-mum, sister and neice, Jennifer.  After such a horrible week a little bit of retail therapy was in order. But it came from an unusual place.  We decided to to venture into one of my favourite shops, Cath Kidston and I came across a lovely bag.  Which just so happened to be a childrens bag!

It doubles as a backpack!

It was reduced so I had to have it!

My luck just kept on coming.  We then went into House of Fraser on Buchanan Street and was given some Clarins freebies!  I wouldn't normally buy this brand as I find it a tad expensive but the staff were very helpful and gave me samples related to my specific skin complaints.

I was given a cleanser, moisturiser and exfoliating cream.

All in all a great end to a horrible week.  Now i'm off to indulge in a disney marathon.