Friday, 3 August 2012

Cath Kidston bag and Clarins freebie

Had a lovely day in town today with my 3 favourite people-mum, sister and neice, Jennifer.  After such a horrible week a little bit of retail therapy was in order. But it came from an unusual place.  We decided to to venture into one of my favourite shops, Cath Kidston and I came across a lovely bag.  Which just so happened to be a childrens bag!

It doubles as a backpack!

It was reduced so I had to have it!

My luck just kept on coming.  We then went into House of Fraser on Buchanan Street and was given some Clarins freebies!  I wouldn't normally buy this brand as I find it a tad expensive but the staff were very helpful and gave me samples related to my specific skin complaints.

I was given a cleanser, moisturiser and exfoliating cream.

All in all a great end to a horrible week.  Now i'm off to indulge in a disney marathon.



  1. im not even kidding how much i love this bag!

  2. That bag is adorable! Also nothing beats a few skincare freebies from a high end brand! I recieved some free YonKa goodies yesterday!

    Ps will be hosting a giveaway on my blog within the next week or so, hint - galaxy print! So keep an eye out if youre interested!

  3. OMGGGGGG I want this bag! So lovely! :)

    p.s. Thanks for the follow on my blog! I will follow your blog too :) xx