Tuesday, 13 December 2011

xmas hints

After months of trying in vain to narrow down what I want for christmas, i've finally compiled my most lust worthy needs

Lace top-topshop
Bag-urban outfitters
shoes-river island
perfume-coco madmoiselle, chanel
top-urban outfitters
Manic Street Preachers polaroid book

I'm officially in the festive mood after adorning my wee christmas tree

my favourite peacock baubles

My room looking like an Amsterdam brothel

I mini sparkely tree (note the bottle of febreeze...nice)
Its a lot easier to feel all warm and christmassy inside when you've got all your pressies sorted.  Now I can sit back and relax (well...apart from all the dissertation and uni briefs, there no peace from them)

thorntons choccies
Manic Street Preachers album (me and dad have great taste in music!)

Spawn graphic novel
2 Spike Milligan books

jumper-marks and spencer
thorntons chocolate gingers

belt-urban outfitters

The lovely people at Cath Kidston kindly wrap any girft you buy at christmas, but i'll you guys see whats in the mysterious package...

shhhh don't tell anyone, it's meant to be suprise

The cutest shoes in the world

Now i'm off to possibly mull wine, bake mince pies and all other christmas shenanigans


Monday, 7 November 2011

Needful things

I haven't really been in the blogging mood recently as I haven't been able to afford anything in the light of all the boozing thru halloween and bonfire night.  You can imagine my joy when I found out I had been paid today.  Due to this I started to trawl thru all the websites to see all the lustful clothes.

So I started to think about all the lovely colours and fabrics I like to wear in Autumn/Winter... and no balck, grey or white in sight (well almost...)

I absolutely love lace in winter, there's something that reminds me of frostbitten fairy tales.  Velvet adds a touch of glamour to cold foggy nights.  And I can't go a couple of days without wearing some kind of animal print, be it my trusty leopard, dalmatian and tortoiseshell.  I know the cold miserable days make you want to hide away in black and grey but I like to add some colur with purple, teal, mustard and chartruese.

I'm loving coloured jeans at the mo' as its an easy way to add colour to an outfit.  It doesn't matter whay season it is, what time of day it is...I can't stop wearing dresses.  Easy and effortlessly stylish with cable knit tights and my trusty New Look black ankle boots.

Now I just want to win the lottery so I can Topshop and Asos. I wonder if Santa can arrange this....


Friday, 21 October 2011

make up

I've always been fascinated with stop motion, so I decided to try and make one for uni.  It's not perfect and it took my 2 hours to make but i'm really proud of it.

So here it is...Make up.

Ps  I NEVER wear my make up like that but it helps to emphasise the change in my face.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

For winter

As I haven't done a fashion post in a while, i've accumulated a rather large amount of back dated purchases. I've been stocking up on a lot of monochrome pieces of clothing. I'm channelling my inner grunge goth, circa 1987.  Also quite a few cool bits of jewellery.

River Island jumper

New Look boots...I always buy these

Vintage Bally boots...love, love these

H&M little white lace dress...only a fiver!

My 1st ever TKMAXX purchase.  Unfortunetly I have to
return cos the beads are falling off

Close up of beading. I'm quite sad to see it go.

I've wanted a Sonic Youth tee for years...from Urban Outfitters.
Picked up from charity shop in Anniesland.

Bejewelled belt from Primark.  A bit of 80's inspired

Love my bug necklace from New Look

Close up.  My love bug

Amazing vintage bling rings, which I keep in...

My lovely trinket box I bought in Chester.

As well as clothing and jewellery, I like to change my nail polishes for winter. Out is pastles and pink In dark muted colours and glitter.

I bought these in the space of 2 weeks.
My obsession grows...

My lovely peacock colours.  H&M makes great polishes

ASDA now makes polishes...and they're great

Revlon (actually in love with the red sparkly one)
Bought from Watt Bros in Glasgow.  Only 1.99 each!

I'm loving grey at the mo, plus the sparkly one is made
up of massive bits of glitter.

Can't resist a nail effect.  The barry m one looks like tin foil on your nails...
trust me, it looks good.  The 17 one is sparkly shatter effect.  Nope, i'm not bored
of that yet.
Now its time to put the credit cards away, cos remember...christmas is just around the corner.  Eek!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

time lapse experiment

I decided to look into time lapse for a project at uni.  I think it might be a long shot but I want to animate the view from my windows.  The idea is to show the beauty around you that you no longer see after time.

Heres a few examples

Traffic at rush hour

Car coming up street


Tree blowing in wind (sorry about the angle)


I plan on filming a sequence from day to dusk, which will take about 3 hours of constant picture taking.  Hopefullt the end result will be awesome.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Perception of beauty

At uni I had to create a flash animation using collage.  I came up with the idea of beauty and that it means to different people.  I wasn't able to upload the animation (I can't convert my flash file to MP3, does anyone know how to do this?)  So heres the initial jpeg images. 

The Dream

The Reality

The Acceptance

 The concept was to emphasise the allusion of beauty represented in magazines as it is not all what it seems.
I wanted to use jarring, saturated, almost unpleasant colours as I wanted to put the viewer ill at ease.  It didn't put the Lecturer off as I got an A for it :D


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dream Wedding

As my obsession with Don't Tell the Bride grows, I started to wonder what i'd like my wedding to look like.  God help me if my boyfriend planned it, cos I swear, I'm not really into a football/take away/ video game theme.  Hopefully he'll never see this blog, this is a little bit fatal attraction, but we've been together for 5 years tomorrow-so what is he expecting?  As I forget me nots are my favourite flower, I think i'd found my theme.

It's all about, tea lights, vintage dresses, presses flowers and cupcakes.  Super, super girly.

And of course, I know what my groom would be wearing...


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Home Wish List

Ever since I visited the beautiful town of Chester (will definetly be visiting again...love, love, loved it!) I went to a great wee place called Listers, it was almost like someone went into my head, took everything I love and made a shop out of it.  The place was full of girly little trinkets and gorgeous fabrics. Somebody also used some proper marketing by employing only good looking english boys...it was my shopping heaven.  Ever since I arrived home I've been obsessed with getting some restored vintage furniture from the new flat when we move in.  So I started trawling the internet and stumbled across a site called Vintage Lifestyle.  I handpicked a few of my favourite things

I love chintz and lace, god help my boyfriend if he messes up my victorian theme with his playstation and work boots!