Tuesday, 13 December 2011

xmas hints

After months of trying in vain to narrow down what I want for christmas, i've finally compiled my most lust worthy needs

Lace top-topshop
Bag-urban outfitters
shoes-river island
perfume-coco madmoiselle, chanel
top-urban outfitters
Manic Street Preachers polaroid book

I'm officially in the festive mood after adorning my wee christmas tree

my favourite peacock baubles

My room looking like an Amsterdam brothel

I mini sparkely tree (note the bottle of febreeze...nice)
Its a lot easier to feel all warm and christmassy inside when you've got all your pressies sorted.  Now I can sit back and relax (well...apart from all the dissertation and uni briefs, there no peace from them)

thorntons choccies
Manic Street Preachers album (me and dad have great taste in music!)

Spawn graphic novel
2 Spike Milligan books

jumper-marks and spencer
thorntons chocolate gingers

belt-urban outfitters

The lovely people at Cath Kidston kindly wrap any girft you buy at christmas, but i'll you guys see whats in the mysterious package...

shhhh don't tell anyone, it's meant to be suprise

The cutest shoes in the world

Now i'm off to possibly mull wine, bake mince pies and all other christmas shenanigans


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