Friday, 17 February 2012

Inecto Pure Coconut review

Sometimes the most expensive products aren't necessarily the best and Inecto products are the perfect example of this.  As a natural redhead, my skin is notoriously sensitive and when my sister recommended Inecto I was slightly dubious.  But these products are a godsend! They are natural, have a really pleasant coconutty smell and at 2 pounds a pop, are really inexpensive.  The facial scrub in particular is great at leaving my skin feeling really clean and it kind to my skin.  I would highly recommend buying anything from the range.  They even do dry hair shampoo, and as much as I love Bastiste, it does not have the unpleasant chemically smell.  It kind on my skin and on the pocket.

It is stocked in Savers (a much better shop than Boots in my opinion) and Superdrug.

Seriously buy these products, you won't regret it.


Thursday, 2 February 2012

DIY Glitter sunglasses

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I can't resist a bit of glitter.  When I saw these Miu Miu beauties, which I can only assume are a bit on the pricey side,  I thought to myself, "how hard would it be to customise my old sunglasses?"

It's so unbelievably easy to achieve the look without spending any money, using only a pair of old primark glasses and a glittery nail polish of your choice.



All you need to do is paint your sunnies, its as simple as that!  Sadly the pictures fail to show how sparkly they are.  But trust me they turn out really glittery.

After taken pic with the glasses on, I realised they inadvertently matched my nails.  Well I did say I liked glitter!