Monday, 7 November 2011

Needful things

I haven't really been in the blogging mood recently as I haven't been able to afford anything in the light of all the boozing thru halloween and bonfire night.  You can imagine my joy when I found out I had been paid today.  Due to this I started to trawl thru all the websites to see all the lustful clothes.

So I started to think about all the lovely colours and fabrics I like to wear in Autumn/Winter... and no balck, grey or white in sight (well almost...)

I absolutely love lace in winter, there's something that reminds me of frostbitten fairy tales.  Velvet adds a touch of glamour to cold foggy nights.  And I can't go a couple of days without wearing some kind of animal print, be it my trusty leopard, dalmatian and tortoiseshell.  I know the cold miserable days make you want to hide away in black and grey but I like to add some colur with purple, teal, mustard and chartruese.

I'm loving coloured jeans at the mo' as its an easy way to add colour to an outfit.  It doesn't matter whay season it is, what time of day it is...I can't stop wearing dresses.  Easy and effortlessly stylish with cable knit tights and my trusty New Look black ankle boots.

Now I just want to win the lottery so I can Topshop and Asos. I wonder if Santa can arrange this....


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  1. great choices, I especially love white during winter!