Sunday, 18 September 2011

Home Wish List

Ever since I visited the beautiful town of Chester (will definetly be visiting, love, loved it!) I went to a great wee place called Listers, it was almost like someone went into my head, took everything I love and made a shop out of it.  The place was full of girly little trinkets and gorgeous fabrics. Somebody also used some proper marketing by employing only good looking english was my shopping heaven.  Ever since I arrived home I've been obsessed with getting some restored vintage furniture from the new flat when we move in.  So I started trawling the internet and stumbled across a site called Vintage Lifestyle.  I handpicked a few of my favourite things

I love chintz and lace, god help my boyfriend if he messes up my victorian theme with his playstation and work boots!



  1. I love all these things. Especially the little tables. Really like your blog. I'm following. Follow back! :D

  2. Such pretty interiors!

    Helen, x