Sunday, 3 July 2011

Doin' it for charity

Theres nothing better than a good rummage through charity shops.  For some reason there's a stigma attached to my beloved and NO ONE pushes my charity shop around!  Its not all cheap tatty cardi's your nan would wear, for example I have found 2 absolute treasures. 

Treasure 1-  The most amazing Antik Batik sheer shirt

Lace panelling- I love lace
gorgeous detailing on the cuffs

Normally about 100 quid, got it for 3.99!

Treasure 2- See By Chloe vintage style blouse

Loving the print

Originally about 250, got it for 5.50!

So now everyone thinks I can afford the best, little do they know....

My sister has also been lucky, she purchased a stunning Diane Von Fustenberg dress for...2 quid!!
I'll put a pic up to show you guys soon.  If she lets me get anywhere near it :D

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