Sunday, 3 July 2011

right then...

My name is Jen and i'm a blog virgin! Phew, now the embarrrassment is over we can become better equainted.  Thought i'd let everyone know what i'm into. Firstly i'm a graphic designer and I love it! (although i'm still a scrounging student) Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes, i'm somewhat of a shopaholic.  To give everyone an idea of what i'm into where is an outfit a put togther to go to the zoo with my man

shirt-river island, skirt-vintage, belt-charity shop, bag-topshop, necklace topshop
Needless to say my boyfriend was a little bemused by my choice, he didn't think yellow and purple went. I did agree that maybe it was a little dressy to looking at monkeys.

I'm also completely obsessed with jewellery, the more the better!

jewellery from topshop, primark and urban outfitters
So to summarise, i'm a bit scatty when it comes to my tastes :D

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