Thursday, 22 November 2012

DIY Christmas #1 Teacup candles

This Christmas I've decided to start a series on idea of making your own gifts as I feel to put your heart and soul intoa gift gives a lovely personal touch.

Teacup candles are delicate and so so pretty so I thought I'd make one for my sister who loves all things vintage.

After looking through websites I found out how simple it is. You can buy wicks and wax from your local art store or used candles.  Colouring the wax, adding scents or dried flowers is a lovely extra.

I picked up this beautiful Victorian teacup and saucer from the Barras Market in Glasgow for 7.50, which I thought was very reasonable.  You can find old cups at markets or even charity shops

I haven't made the candle yet but wanted to see what it would look like with a simple tea light and the effect is gorgeous.

To make the candles here is the link

I can't wait to make it, although it will be hard to give it away.



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