Saturday, 30 June 2012

Deborah Lipmann polish lust

Like Wimbledon my obsession with nail polish happens every summer without fail.  So obsessed am I that I have split my rather sizeable polish collection into 2 distinct groups- Winter and Summer.  So as the winter slowly fades and summer (supposedly) sizzles teasingly into view, I pack away my mustards, midnight blues, deep plums and reds, to be replaced with neons and pastels.  Having said all that there's one type of polish isn't dependant on seasons-sparkly polish.

Y'know that saying "All that glistens is not gold"?  Well that is none more evident with marvel that is Deborah Lipmann glitter nail polishes.  I have lusted after the collection for months, but at 16 quid a pop, is a little out of my price range. I will have to continue to long for them from a distance.

Here they are in all the bewitching glory

(I couldn't do any usual photoshop magic, like the image below, as my computer decided to die on me)

Now i'm not suggesting that people don't know how to use the polishes, I just wanted to show how lovely they look on nails and how verstile they are.

Right i'm off to save my pennies.  Who need's food anyway?


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